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Process Tanks & Liners

Plaspoke build custom made process tanks & liners that are an easy, cost effective drop in place solution for the metal finishing industry. The polypropylene inner construction means these tanks can withstand higher temperatures than other types of plastics, and the steel support rings come in a range of protective coatings for durability in the most corrosive environments. All tanks can be fitted with custom brackets and lifting lugs to suit individual plant needs.

Designed, fabricated and tested to leading European standards in plastic fabrication, these tanks offer years of trouble free service with little to no maintenance. We can also supply a range of tank liners for existing process tanks and offer a free chemical compatibility check for your peace of mind.


  • Custom made to any shape & size

  • 25 year design life

  • Chemical compatibility check

  • Most cost effective tank provider in New Zealand 

  • Used commonly in the electroplating, galvanising & pickling industries

  • Quick turnaround

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