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Plaspoke Plastic Welding About


The "PLASPOKE" Service

Plaspoke is a family owned and operated plastic fabrication company based in central Auckland. Because of our small nature, we can insure all of our customers get the very best results every time.


That's because at Plaspoke you won’t just get what you need; you’ll get the best quality, with the best service, at the best price. Building on various backgrounds in plastic fabrication, advanced design and various trades, our small workshop stands strong among Australasia's best. 

Although the business is fresh, we are already considered one of the most advanced providers in the industry, and one of the only to provide a free computer aided design service for any job necessary. 

So whether you’re a residential one-time buyer or a business looking for a quality upgrade, you can count on us to working with you every step of the way in finding a solution. Browse our products or simply get in touch for a free no obligation quote.

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