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Plaspoke Chemical Storage Tanks

Plaspoke are one of the only company’s in New Zealand to offer a full inhouse design and fabrication of chemical storage solutions. Our tanks range from 250L to 60,000L and are a completely customizable to suit your site’s needs. Both our plain and self-bunded tanks are built in accordance with the Thermoplastic stationary tanks – Safe Work Instrument 2017 and Plaspoke’s tanks are generally cheaper than other fabricators in the market, with unmatched versatility!  

Single Skin Chemical Storage Tanks

Our single skin chemical tanks are a great cost effective chemical storage solution for almost all Class 5, 6, 8 and 9 Hazardous substances. We build and supply tanks up to 60,000L in volume suitable for a range of industries such as water treatment, dairy, foodstuffs and anywhere chemical dosing may be required.


We provide a free chemical compatibility service with all out tanks to ensure what you get is the perfect solution for your operation. With a range of customizable extra’s such as level sensor fittings, easy access hatches, fume extraction fittings, level gauges and much more it’s easy to see why we are unmatched in the versatility of our products. To find out more contact the team today! 


Bunded Chemical Storage Tanks

Plaspoke’s bunded & self bunded tanks are the safe chemical storage choice that can save you money! These tanks have an inner and outer tank with a gap in between that has the capacity of 110% of the inner tank, as per Worksafe’s chemical storage regulations. This reduces the chances of environmental contamination, loss of product and potential injury.


As this meets Worksafe’s spill containment requirements and can be installed in just hours with no specialist civil engineering needed, these tanks are recognized as the most cost effective solution in many builds. All our tanks are specially designed to withstand New Zealand’s most seismically active area’s their perfect for almost every environment.


  • Custom made to any shape & size

  • Worksafe compliant up to 60,000L 

  • 25 year design life

  • Chemical compatibility - Suitable for most Class 5, 6, 8 and 9 hazardous substances

  • Most cost effective plastic chemical tank provider in New Zealand 

  • Seismic restraints provided with all tanks

  • Quick, cost effective installation

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