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IBC, Barrel & Chemical Bunding Systems

Plaspoke's range of IBC, Barrel & Tank bunding systems are the easy solution to Secondary Containment Systems in regards of splash angle and 110% volume requirements. With a wide range of standardized designs, we can deliver the perfect solution with an unmatched turnaround.

Options include Low Profile, Small Footprint, Double Bunding, Day Tanks, Forkliftable design's and much more! With a wide range of configurations designed to contain liquid density from 1.0 SG to 2.2 SG we can ensure you are only paying for what you need. All are designed, fabricated and tested to leading European standards of plastic fabrication, offering years of trouble free service with little to no maintenance. 


  • Range of over 32 standard designs for any situation

  • Custom made to any shape & size

  • 25 year design life

  • Chemical compatibility check

  • Most cost effective tank bunding provider in New Zealand 

  • Used commonly in a variety of industrial plants 

  • Quick turnaround

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